We began in 1982 as New Life Fellowship, a self-supported church start.  We were located in a garage in Miami Township across the street from the Dayton Mall.  We started when two families had a vision that church as it was practiced could be done differently for a new generation of believers and non-believers alike.  Our inspiration was a book called "The Problem of Wineskins: Church Structure in a Technological Age" by Howard A. Snyder.

We left that location in 1984 and merged with Riverview Baptist Church in Miamisburg for about one year.  We then moved to Franklin, Ohio in mid-1985 to the Franklin Square office complex.  We then constituted as Evangelical Community Church.  We outgrew two different spaces in that complex and were looking for another location when the church building in downtown Franklin became available.  We were able to purchase it and moved in on Easter Sunday in 1988.

Our first pastor was Jim Dickey, the driving force from the beginning of this ministry.  He left in 1991 and R. Dale McCloud served as pastor from 1992 until 1998.  Our present pastor, Lonnie Peters, began serving in 2000.

Our denominational beginnings are Southern Baptist, but we have been somewhat different in practice and tradition from the start.  We are now non-denominational in affiliation and directly support different mission opportunities.  We are an elder-led congregation that adds programming and content only when someone in the congregation sees the need and is willing to help make it happen.